Clinic Management System

"ConferClinic is the best cloud-based Clinic Management System in India, which empowers healthcare providers and patients by offering them the best Laboratory information management system (LIMS), digital medical record, Medical Billing and many more features"

cloud-based Clinic Management System


Electronic Health Records

The clinic management software allows you to keep the health records of patients digitally. You can access and analyze it anytime and anywhere securely as it is a cloud-based platform.


With the management software, it simplifies to manage your telemedicine services seamlessly. A well-designed system executes in simple, secure and HIPAA CompliantVirtual Care solutions for clinics and hospitals smoothly.

Practice Management

Our management software takes care of clinical activities like patient care, scheduling, billing, medical practices and claim processes. It helps doctors to track the medical disciplines and to understand the recovery flow of patients.



The clinic management software provides flexibility and worry-free automation billing process from defining consultation fees to lab test fees, from pharmacy to radiology test. So it makes your billing process ease for better productivity.

Patient Portal, Health Records

The best part of our clinic management software is that it provides a dedicated patient portal. It allows the patient to log in to be aware and maintain the medical records.

Diagnostics Laboratory, Radiology Imaging

Having expertise in this industry, we have experienced diagnostics and radiology imaging reports not brought timely. As a result, it delays further in diagnostics and treatments. We made it simple, allowing you to upload to the cloud and accessible by doctors.

Cloud Based, Mobile Access

The best feature of the management software is that it allows patients and healthcare providers to access it through mobile, being a cloud-based clinical management software. It is also accessible even on low internet speed.


We have integrated a Pharmacy system that will help in many ways, like notifying the patients regarding the medicines and the pharmacy store. However, it allows the pharmacy store to track every activity from order to billing.

Inventory Management

Unlike ERP management software, ConferClinic offers the best featured-packed inventory management software in India. We have designed to ease the management process and be accessible anywhere from any device for being a cloud-based innovative product.


Laboratory & Radiology Integration & Reporting

E-Prescriptions with Pharmacy/Lab integrations

Patient Management System

Doctor Schedule Management

Outsource Test Management

Multi Center, User Role/Access

Integrated Medical Records

Clinic Management System Features

Pricing, Invoicing & Revenue Management

Complete Mobility

Insurance Billing/ Claim

Online Scheduling & Appointments

Integrated Telemedicine

Customer Relationship Management & MIS Reporting

Referral System



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